Volcanic Vocabulary
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Volcanic Vocabulary

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disaster. A catastrophi2000c event, often resulting in loss of life and property. dormant Not active. erosion The gradual process of being eroded by the forces of nature.


Volcano Vocabulary - Primary Homework Help

Active volcano. A volcano that is erupting or has erupted within historical time and is considered likely to do so in the future. Ash . Fine particles of rock dust ...


USGS Photo Glossary of Volcanic Terms - Volcano Hazards ...

Illustrates and describes commonly used volcano-related terms.


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Label Volcano Diagram Printout. ... EnchantedLearning.com is a user-supported site. As a bonus, site members have access to a banner-ad-free version of the site, with ...


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©Beverly Hernandez, http://homeschooljourneys.com Licensed to About.com Name: Date: Volcano Vocabulary Complete the activity. active Krakatoa extinct cone volcano


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Volcano Printables - Volcano Vocabulary. Print the Volcano Vocabulary Sheet and fill in the Volcano related words. Page 2.


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Learn about Volcanoes with NeoK12's vocabulary games and other interesting online activities and lessons.


USGS Volcano Hazards Program Glossary

USGS: Volcano Hazards Program Glossary. USGS HOME Contact USGS


Types of Volcanoes - Exploring the Environment

Types of Volcanoes Most people have never seen a real volcano but have learned about them through movies or books. So when most people think of a volcano, they ...


Volcanoes Vocabulary- Dialogue for Kids (Idaho Public ...

Photo Glossary of Volcanic Terms from USGS. http://volcanoes.usgs.gov/Products/Pglossary/pglossary.html. This is a good index of terms about volcanoes.


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