2014 IRS Extension Form
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2014 IRS Extension Form

Publication 17 (2014), Your Federal Income Tax

File only one federal income tax return for the year regardless of how many jobs you had, how many Forms W-2 you received, or how many states you lived in ...


Internal Revenue Service (99) www.irs.gov/form4868

Form 4868 Department of the Treasury 2014 Internal Revenue Service (99) Application for Automatic Extension of Time To File U.S. Individual Income Tax Return


Instructions for Form 709 (2014) - Internal Revenue Service

If you gave gifts to someone in 2014 totalling more than $14,000 (other than to your spouse), you probably must file Form 709.


Tax Day 2015 for IRS Tax Year 2014 Return Filing Deadlines

Tax Day 2015 is the IRS filing deadline for Tax Year 2014 tax returns. Find other deadlines for federal and state income tax returns and tax extensions.


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